Replacement Metal Castings, Inc. - A Full Service Casting Facility

Carolina Metal Castings is one of less than 600 foundries left in the United States. We have been pouring castings for over 40 years. At CMC, we promote the fact that we are very responsive with short lead times and are able to promise quick deliveries because of our location in the United States. We are a full service jobbing foundry that is set up for a customer who requires 1's, 2's and small production runs. CMC's sister facility Capps Sutton can handle all of your tooling requirements, either through reverse engineering of sample parts or Customer provided drawings. Capps Sutton is also your source for project management. Let our team take care of your project from tooling design to finished product. Together, these two make up the parent company, Replacement Metal Castings.

At Replacement Metal Castings, Inc. we choose not to do production work. Our niche is really the jobbing steel foundry market. We want the specialty, small lot work that other foundries won't do. There is no minimum for our foundry work; we will complete one 1 pound casting or ten 2000 pound castings with the same quality service. Replacement Metal Castings, Inc. is your complete solution for foundry services. We build our own tooling and complete our own molding, castings, and heat treat in house, 100% made in the USA. Give one of our team members a call to help with your next casting project.